Vaccinations Requirements and Safety Standards


We take pride that you have considered us for the role of providing for your pup. While our safety policies are strict, it is these policies which play a key role in ensuring our clients’ loyalty.

Every member of the Four Paws Inn team is highly trained in pet behavior and body language, managing dogs in open play, positive reinforcement and fear-free training methods, preventing canine scuffles, canine enrichment, special considerations for seniors and pets with special needs, pet nutrition, medication administration, and much, much more. We’re also professionally certified in pet CPR and first aid in the unlikely event of an emergency.

Our play areas are securely fenced and checked daily for signs of damage, wear and tear, etc… The Four Paws Inn home environment is protected by a high-quality security system with smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, with live webcams recording activity in our play areas at all times. In addition, your pet is never left alone or unsupervised.

While we strongly believe that there is no such thing as a bad breed or a bad dog, not every dog is suited for our off-leash, open-play environment. WE DO NOT TURN AWAY ANY DOG BASED ON BREED. Please fill out our MEET & GREET FORM where we will then ensure if they are a good fit for our daycare and/or boarding during an evaluation.

To ensure the safety of all our guests, in addition to the Meet & Greet, we also require all dogs staying with us for Doggy DayCamp or overnight boarding meet the following criteria:

  • All dogs must be spayed or neutered by the age-appropriate time. According to the AAHA Canine Life Stage Guidelines, small-breed dogs (under 45 pounds projected adult body weight) should be neutered at six months of age or spayed before the first heat (five to six months). Large-breed dogs (over 45 pounds projected adult body weight) should be neutered after growth stops, which usually is between 9 and 15 months of age. The decision on when to spay a large-breed female dog is based on many factors; your veterinarian can help narrow down the recommended window of 5 to 15 months depending on your dog’s disease risk and lifestyle.
  • All pets must be up-to-date on age appropriate vaccinations.
  • All pet must be in good health. You will need to certify that your pet is in good health and has not been sick with a communicable illness within the last 30 days.
  • All pets must be free of any condition that could potentially jeopardize other guests, including fleas, ticks, and worms.
  • All pets must be non-aggressive and not guard resources such as food, treats, or toys. You will need to certify your pet has not harmed or shown any aggressive or threatening behavior toward any person or pet. If your pet has harmed a person or pet in the past, we will need you to certify the extenuating circumstances of the isolated incident.

*  PLEASE NOTE: If your pooch doesn’t know any basic commands or is unable to be comfortably walked on lead, we may recommend the dog undergo some basic obedience training to ensure both his/her safety, and the safety of our employees and other guests. We also offer training services, so please let us know if we can help! CLICK HERE for more information.


We treat your pets as if they’re our own. As a result, our professionally trained team goes above and beyond to make sure pet guests are comfortable, healthy, and happy at all times while in our care.

Vaccines protect our pets against highly contagious and potentially deadly viruses and bacteria. If all pets who are playing together are current on their vaccines, then you can be assured that your pet will be playing with fully vaccinated friends.

Four Paws Inn requires all dogs and cats to be up-to-date on the following age-appropriate vaccinations*:

PUPPIES (up to age 4 months):

ADULT DOGS (age 4 months and older):

In order to allow time for your pet to develop an immune response from vaccines, please make veterinary appointments 7-10 days prior to attending Four Paws Inn. Check with your veterinarian to see if your pet’s vaccine boosters (not the initial vaccine) may provide adequate immune response sooner than seven days.

*Please note that all immunizations must be current until the end of your pet’s stay.


Four Paws Inn accepts a number of things to prove your pet’s vaccinations are current: You can provide us with your shot records from your veterinarian, adoption paperwork that lists the pet has current vaccinations, or serologic titer results issued from a veterinary clinic. Is your pet ready to get their fun on?! Then schedule a Meet & Greet today or feel free to CONTACT US with questions!

* Please note rates are subject to change.

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